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With a focus on locally appropriate plants that are native, drought-tolerant, edible and/or provide habitat for birds, butterflies and bees, Bay Wise Gardens designs and builds beautifully functional gardens that enhance the neighborhood habitat for both the wildlife and ourselves.

We are based in Oakland, CA and work throughout the East Bay Area and Marin county including Berkeley, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Albany, Fairfax, and San Anselmo.

Lauren Bennett of Bay Wise Gardens is a Rescape California qualified professional implementing safe and sustainable practices in your garden to maintain the health of our wildlife and waterways. For more information about Rescape California please visit their website at



Bay Wise Gardens is available for your Permaculture garden design needs! Contact us today to get started on the transformation of your lawn or garden into a productive ecosystem which provides for you and the local fauna.

As of May 2019, Bay Wise Gardens is teaming up with Sustainable Solano to help transform the gardens of Solano County into sustainable, food producing ecosystems. Sustainable Solano aims to build more resilient communities by facilitating local food production meant to be shared with the neighborhood.

As a landscape designer working with this organization, Lauren will be putting her Permaculture hat on as she designs food forest landscapes combined with drought tolerant and CA Native plants. With an emphasis on roof rainwater catchment, greywater, and earthwork swales we will be making good use of our water resources with minimal waste.

During the installation of her designs, she will be teaching volunteers about swales and their placement, the plants and their role in the mini ecosystem, and other sustainable gardening techniques like sheet mulching, composting, and rainwater harvesting.

For more information about taking part in these educational opportunities go to


We use a palette of CA native, drought-tolerant, edible, and medicinal plants to create a beautifully usable space for you and the wildlife in your area. 

Plants are placed where they will have maximum success taking advantage of sun exposure and soil type. 

Vegetation and floral colors are chosen to create accents and complimentary combinations. 

Permaculture principles are considered when creating edible landscapes so that the client can get the most productivity out of their landscape.  Contact us to get a permaculture design for your garden!


Landscape installation is a multi-staged process and Bay Wise Gardens installs garden designs with care given to every stage of the process.  We do Soil building, Planting, and Drip Irrigation. 

We will determine the soil type and consider which plants are going in the ground. Depending on the combination at your site, we may add certain amendments to ensure that the plant will have just the right soil cocktail. Amendments such as organic compost, peat moss, lava rock, and E.B. Stone’s Organic amendment blends are all additions we have used to improve soil. But we don’t always add the amendments. Especially not for CA natives. Most tend to like no fertilizer at all. But can be picky about good drainage.

Beautiful, healthy, hand-selected plants are brought to your site from reputable nurseries and placed in the garden based on the design agreed upon.  We ensure proper planting placement and depth so that each specimen can reach its full potential.  Plant size is up to the client.   Nurseries offer pots as small as plugs or large specimens as large as 15 gal. 

We also install vegetable beds with seasonally appropriate crops. We can harvest the fruits for you and when the plants are done producing, we remove them, amend the soil if necessary and put in a new crop. 

Next, we install Drip Irrigation to maximize water efficiency and plant success.  We can install an easy to use, new timer system or tap into an existing system using a simple sprinkler to drip conversion kit.  Once drip irrigation lines are laid out and pegged in, mulch is added.

We spread mulch out over the top of your newly planted landscape or existing landscape to trap in moisture and conserve you even more water.  Mulch also helps to hide any drip irrigation lines from view to give the landscape a polished, finished look. 


We use organic methods to keep your garden healthy and beautiful.  Soil Testing, Organic Compost and Amendments, Integrated Pest Management, Proper Pruning, Sheet Mulching, Weeding and general clean up are all maintenance services we provide. 

We understand that soil composition is the first and most important stage of plant health. It must be properly amended and maintained to keep plants strong.  If the soil is happy, the plants will be happy.     

We provide Soil Testing as a service to check soil PH and texture.  We take multiple samples from different sections of the yard and send it to a lab for analysis.  If it needs it, we add organic compost or organic basic/acidic amendments to your soil to provide a suitable growing environment for your plants.

If there are pests in the landscape, we implement Integrated Pest Management practices such as spraying non-toxic Neem oil, reducing pest harboring habitats such as infected leaves at the base of plants, and putting up barriers such as netting or fencing for deer or birds.  Whatever the pest problem may be, we are well versed in organic pest reduction and solutions.   We never spray toxic chemicals that harm pests and beneficial insect alike.

 If weeds are a recurring problem, we can sheet mulch your yard using local, inexpensive materials such as cardboard, burlap and mulch to keep the weeds stifled and your garden looking polished. 

Pruning trees and shrubs as the seasons change is an important component to a healthy landscape as well.  We know which plants to prune and when to maximize fruit or flower production.  We do so with an aesthetic eye to capture the natural beauty of the plant specimen. 

And finally, we leave the yard looking beautiful and polished, cleaning and sprucing the grounds so that you can enjoy your landscape at its full potential.