"Lauren helped me re-design our front yard, transforming it from a dying lawn to (what will soon be!) a thriving garden full of carefully selected drought-tolerant and native plants. I chose her over other landscape designers that we met with because she listened closely to what I wanted and described ideas that fit my own priorities - she didn't try to impose her own vision upon my space, but rather embedded what I wanted into a design that I definitely couldn't have developed on my own. My husband and I have DIY aspirations, so we asked her for only a design, and we're planting it all ourselves. We're excited to share final photos with her once we're done!"  -East Oakland Design Client

"Lauren  is a person who is thoughtful and very cooperative, and an efficient worker in my gardens.  I rely on her.  And, to top it all, she is a very pleasant person."   Prof. Herbert Fingarette

"I am so grateful to have found Lauren ! She transformed our front lawn into a beautiful garden filled with native plants, vegetable boxes , winding pathways & made a peaceful & tranquil environment for us. We love sitting in our front garden now , watching the butterflies & bees & picking vegetables for our dinner.  She also transformed our back yard. It is on a steep slope & very shady & nothing would  grow . Now it is our " Buddha garden" with drought tolerant plants , large boulders & a lovely gravel & slate pathway.  She does a great job of maintaining the yards & adding new plants & veggies each season. She is very knowledgeable & friendly. Thank you Lauren! You're the best" - Oakland hills lawn conversion and Buddha garden client

“Lauren along with her very efficient and friendly team performed a miracle on our garden areas.  The toughest one was making our hillside which is completely sun baked, transform from a wasteland of weeds and leggy, dying plants to a wonderful oasis we now thoroughly enjoy spending time in, and do so every chance we get.   Not knowing much about plants and what survives where and with how much maintenance, I totally depended on Lauren to suggest the transformation from design to selection to planting to maintenance.  And she did, and continues to do, a wonderful job!  Best decision you’ll make for your garden areas is hiring Lauren to fix them up and take care of them for you.  Additionally, she is efficient, on-time, hard-working, and just a delight to work with.” - Drought Tolerant Hillside client.  

"It was great working with Lauren on a garden design. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She seems to run her business with a level of personal integrity that I find refreshing. She and her work crew did sheet mulching, planting and drip irrigation. They were reliable and efficient." -South Berkeley client