Bay Wise Gardens Designs, Installs and Maintains gardens, specializing in California Native and Drought-Tolerant plants appropriate for the Bay Area.  We are based in Oakland, CA and work throughout the East Bay area including, but not limited to, Berkeley, North Berkeley, and Oakland. 


Designs are created with an artistic eye combining color and shape to unlock the beautiful potential of your landscape. Each plant is selected and placed based on its water and sun requirements, growth habit and form.  Lauren has been working with design since 2014.  She will take detailed measurements of the yard and map it out from a birds-eye view.  The client is then presented with a first draft of the new plants and landscape additions for client approval and changes.  I believe good communication throughout the process is very important and am available to chat about the ideas we have via phone and email.  Once a design is agreed upon, we can move to the installation phase. 

Design Rate: $100/hr



Landscape installation is a multi-staged process and Bay Wise Gardens installs garden designs with care given to every stage of the process.  We do Soil building, Planting, and Drip Irrigation. 

We will determine the soil type and consider which plants are going in the ground. Depending on the combination at your site, we may add certain amendments to ensure that the plant will have just the right soil cocktail. Amendments such as organic compost, peat moss, lava rock, and E.B. Stone’s Organic amendment blends are all additions we have used to improve soil. But we don’t always add the amendments. Especially not for CA natives. Most tend to like no fertilizer at all. But can be picky about good drainage.

Beautiful, healthy, hand-selected plants are brought to your site from reputable nurseries and placed in the garden based on the design agreed upon.  We ensure proper planting placement and depth so that each specimen can reach its full potential.  Plant size is up to the client.   Nurseries offer pots as small as plugs or large specimens as large as 15 gal.   I recommend using smaller plants at installation so that the plant is in a pot for a very small percentage of its life.  Long term plant health is better when is has the opportunity to grow into the ground of its new home rather than being at a nursery in pot after pot for years.  But of course we can put in larger plants at installation to give the landscape a more "grown-in" look.

We also install vegetable beds with seasonally appropriate crops.

Next, we install Drip Irrigation to maximize water efficiency and plant success.  We can install an easy to use, new timer system or tap into an existing system using a simple sprinkler to drip conversion kit.  Once drip irrigation lines are laid out and pegged in, mulch is added.

We spread mulch out over the top of your newly planted landscape or existing landscape to trap in moisture and conserve you even more water.  Mulch also helps to hide any drip irrigation lines from view to give the landscape a polished, finished look. 

Installation Rate: $45/hr



Maintenance services of newly installed gardens as well as established gardens include: aesthetic pruning of trees, seasonal pruning of fruit trees and roses, pest scouting and treatment, planting vegetable gardens at the turn of the season, harvesting veggies and fruits, weeding, removal of dried leaves, mulching, irrigation repair, dead heading, replacement of dead or dying plants to refresh the yard, and much much more!

Maintenance Rate: $40/hr



Give us a call for a quick, free phone consultation at (510) 542-4593.  We can help talk through the problems you're having in your garden and provide some possible solutions.

If you would like Bay Wise Gardens to come out to your property, we can schedule an hour long walk-through in the yard to offer advice on garden aesthetics, specific plant problems, pruning, pest problems, soil amendments, disease, over/under watering and more.  

Consultation Rate: $75